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NASBS Membership

The North American Skull Base Society (NASBS), founded in 1989, is a professional medical society that facilitates communication worldwide between individuals pursuing clinical and research excellence in skull base surgery. The purposes of the Society include the following:

  • To promote the public welfare through the advancement of skull base surgery and related sciences.
  • To disseminate information about the anatomy physiology and clinical management of diseases involving the skull base.
  • To promote education and basic and clinical research relating to diseases of the skull base.
  • To promote mutual fellowship and cooperation among various scientific disciplines and organizations.
  • To support, coordinate, and enhance efforts to generate scientific information useful to specialists in the care of diseases of the skull base.

Membership is based on an interest in skull base surgery and related sciences. Individuals with backgrounds in neurosurgery, otolaryngology-head & neck surgery, radiology, neuroradiology, otology, neurotology, plastic & reconstructive surgery, and others interested in skull base diseases are welcomed to apply.

Member Benefits

Scientific Journal
Active Members will receive the official journal of the society, Journal of Neurological  Surgery Part B: Skull Base, a quarterly publication that contains peer reviewed original articles, review articles, and position papers. It will also present news and information on an international scope to keep members aware of recent and upcoming events, activities, and evolving developments in skull base surgery. Other member categories may subscribe to the Journal at a reduced rate of $100.

Continuing Medical Education
Members will receive listings of continuing medical educational opportunities in skull base surgery, as well as scientific courses sponsored by NASBS and will receive reduced registration fees for national scientific meetings.

Membership Directory
An annual directory of the membership will be provided.


Individual memberships are available for all physicians, scientists, and other health care personnel involved in skull base surgery.

Active Member: Shall have earned a doctorate degree (MD, PhD or the equivalent). Shall have been engaged in practice for one or more years with special clinical experience and proficiency in a field related to skull base surgery. Shall have maintained the highest ethical and moral standards. Shall have been proposed by one (1) voting member of the Society. $300 annual membership dues.

Candidate Member: Shall be a participant of good standing in any board-approved residency or fellowship program as documented by a statement from the program director of the training program. Shall have demonstrated a special interest and evolving experience in scientific endeavors related to the skull base. Shall be recommended by one (1) voting member. Shall undergo a review for election to active membership a year following approval of his or her candidate membership. Shall have the right to attend scientific sessions. Shall pay no dues if a resident or fellow in a training program.

International Member: Shall possess a doctorate degree (MD, PhD or equivalent). Shall have satisfied standards in the individual’s native country which establish him or her as a fully qualified individual in his or her specialty of interest. Shall have engaged in practice for three or more years with special clinical experience and proficiency in a field related to skull base surgery and maintained the highest ethical and moral standards. Shall have been proposed by one (1) voting member of the Society. International membership category pertains to those who do not live in the USA or Canada. $200 annual membership dues.

Affiliate Member: Shall have obtained an academic degree other than a doctorate degree (MD, PhD or equivalent). Shall possess a special interest, experience or proficiency in research, testing or treatment in areas related to the skull base. Shall be proposed by one (1) member (or one voting and one affiliate member) of the Society. $125 annual membership dues.

All memberships are based on the calendar year of January 1 through December 31. A one time processing fee of $100.00 for all membership categories must be included with the application for membership.


Applications are reviewed by the Membership and Credentials Committee twice a year.
Deadlines for review of completed applications for 2017 are:
June 15th
December 15th


  • APPLICATION FORM: You have two options for completing the application form. The easiest and more preferable option is to complete the online application form. A printable version is available also (click here).
    • Residents and Fellows: A letter of good standing from your Program Director.
  • APPLICATION FEE: Include $100 application fee. Checks (USD only) made payable to NASBS may be mailed or payment made by MasterCard or VISA credit cards. Credit card information can be given at the end of the online application form or written on the printable version.
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