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The North American Skull Base Society (NASBS)

The North American Skull Base Society (NASBS), founded in 1989, is a professional medical society that facilitates communication worldwide between individuals pursuing clinical and research excellence in skull base surgery.

Purpose of the NASBS

  • To promote the public welfare through the advancement of skull base surgery and related sciences.
  • To disseminate information about the anatomy, physiology and clinical management of diseases involving the skull base.
  • To promote education and basic and clinical research relating to diseases of the skull base.
  • To promote mutual fellowship and cooperation among various scientific disciplines and organizations.
  • To support, coordinate, and enhance efforts to generate scientific information useful to specialists in the care of diseases of the skull base

NASBS Committee
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NASBS Past Presidents

Paul Donald 1989-1990
Laligam Sekhar 1990-1991
Ivo Janecka 1991-1992
Peter Smith 1992-1993
Albert Rhoton 1993-1994
Hugh Curtin 1994-1995
Derald Brackman 1995-1996
Ossama Al-mefty 1996-1997
Steven Newman 1997-1998
John Leonetti 1998-1999
Robert Spetzler 1999-2000
Ian Jackson 2000-2001
Vinod Anand 2001-2002
Jon Robertson 2002-2003
Jatin Shah 2003-2004
Patrick Gullane 2004-2005
Anil Nanda 2005-2006
Guy Petrozelli 2006-2007
Franco Demonte 2007-2008
Dan Nuss 2008-2009
Peter Neligan 2009-2011
Dennis Kraus 2011-2012
Carl Heilman 2012-2013
Ehab Hanna 2013-2014
Michael Link 2014-2015
Carl Snyderman 2015-2016