International Travel Scholarship

To promote international participation at the NASBS Annual Meeting and provide an opportunity for academic skull base surgeons to attend the NASBS meeting.  The travel scholarship will provide $2,000 to cover travel expenses for attendance at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the NASBS and the opportunity to spend up to several weeks as a Visiting Scholar at one of the participating NASBS fellowship programs, either before or after the meeting.  All additional expenses will be covered by the Visiting Scholar.  Registration for the NASBS meeting will be waived.

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International Travel Scholarship:
Purpose and Eligibility

Submissions are now closed for the 2017 NASBS Scholarship

The NASBS International Visiting Scholarships are for international physicians who hold a junior faculty academic position to 1) attend the North American Skull Base Society Annual Meeting and 2) spend a short period (minimum of 1 week) studying at a skull base program in the USA.  A list of participating programs will be available soon.

Each grant of US $2,000 will not fully cover the expenses of attending the Annual Meeting and the observership. The grantee is expected to provide additional funds to cover these costs.

The following individuals are NOT eligible to apply for these grants:

  • Citizens of the USA or Canada.
  • Foreign nationals who have previously attended the NASBS Annual Meeting.
  • Individuals who are in residency programs.
  • Individuals in private practice or not in an academic position.

If a successful candidate has to withdraw, e.g., because a visa denial or lack of additional funding, he/she must notify the NASBS immediately by email to Stacy Kent at